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  Welcome to #TheAviators Club  
  #TheAviators is a club on Twitter for furends - bears, birds, cats, dogs, ferrets, rabbits, stuffies - a wide company of good chaps wearing goggles.

We come together in furendship to fly missions - Adventures, Flight School and OTRB Tributes. The club account is @TheAviatorsClub.
  #TheAviators are goggled furends flying in furendship  
  #TheAviators Schedule  
  Follow #TheAviators hash tag on Twitter for all the latest news about the club and details of our schedule.  
  December 9:      Adventure Flight - Northern Lights with @OllyTed  
  January 13:      Tribute Flight - Flight Leader needed  
  February 10:     Flying School - Basics - Please volunteer  
  February 24:     Flying School - Advanced  
  March 17:        Adventure Flight - St. Patricks by @ToddyFur  
  April 15:        Tribute Flight - Flight Leader needed  
  May 13:          Flying School - Basics - Please volunteer  
  May 27:          Flying School - Advanced  
  June 9:          Adventure Flight - Forbidden Places with @TheMobyKeech  
  Get involved with #TheAviators  
  #TheAviators is a Twitter club run BY it's members FOR it's members - nothing happens without YOU! Time to get involved - remember furends OTRB with the Tribute, lead an Adventure, join in with Flight School, escorts and memorials.  
  Get involved with #TheAviators  
  Tweet to @TheAviatorsClub or @ToddyFur to get involved!  
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